Guide to Installing Allbet Suite on IOS Device
Step 1:
Click the Mobile App button.
Step 2:
Using the QR code tools to scan.
Step 3:
Please click the function button in right corner.
Step 4.1: (1st option)
Please select "Open in Safari".
Step 4.2: (2nd option)
Open Safari, enter the URL :, and then click on install
Step 5:
Please click on the "Install".
Step 6:
Waiting for installation.
Step 7:
After the installation, please click on the Allbet icon.
Step 8:
It will pop out a confirm window when you open the Apps in the first time. Please click on the cancel button.
Step 9:
Please click on the “Settings” to enter the settings window.
Step 10:
Please click the General in the settings window.
Step 11:
Please click the “Profiles” in the general window .
Step 12:
Please click the “Blue Pearl Int’l. Technologies , Inc. in the profile list.
Step 13:
Please trust the “Blue Pearl Int’l. Technologies, Inc. .
Step 14:
Please click the “trust” button.
Step 15:
Click the Allbet app icon and enter the game.